BIT Peer-Support & Related Groups

The Chicagoland Hoarding Task Force is busy helping local partners set up and run Buried in Treasures Workshops (BIT) Peer-Support and Related Groups, which are facilitated and action-oriented self-help groups for individuals with clutter and hoarding difficulties. Research has started growing that shows BIT and related groups are a promising new method for helping people who struggle with saving and difficulty discarding stuff.

Learn more about this exciting and emerging new approach: BIT Workshop

Chicagoland BIT and related groups have already started or will be starting soon. Below is a list as of 9/19/2019:

City: Virtual “Challenging Clutter” workshop (not in-person)
Day: Wednesdays for 7 weeks starting July 15, 2020
Limit: 8 people
Fee: $210
Time: 10:30 am-11:45 am (central time)
Contact:  Kathleen Crombie, MA, MED
Email: or
Virtual Challening Clutter Group Summer 2020

City: Glenview, IL

Day: October 2, 2019 (8 sessions)

Time: 1:00-3:00 pm

Contact:  Kathleen Crombie, MA, MED

Email: or

Phone: 510-390-8187

City: Deerfield

Day: Tuesday

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

Contact: Julieanne Pojas


Phone: 847-559-0001 Ext 79

City: Chicago-Lakeview

Day: Wednesday

Time: 12:00-1:30 pm

Contact: Zinal Patel


Phone: 312-971-7490

City: Glenview

Day: Wednesdays, June 5, 2019-July 31, 2019

Time: 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Contact: Kathleen Crombie or Yuzu Sasaki Byrne

Email: or

Phone: 510-390-8187 or 847-271-0570

City: Oak Brook

Day: TBD

Time: TBD

Contact: Ashley Butterfield


Phone: 630-522-3124

City: Elgin

Day: TBD

Time: TBD

Contact: Dori



City: Chicago Loop (180 N. Michigan Ave)

Day: Wednesdays

Time: 12-1:30 pm

Contact: Kathleen Crombie


Phone: 510-390-8187